Youth Ministry

Our group was designed especially for Catholic High School Christian teens growing up in a complex world full of opportunities and adventure, as well as problems and dangers. We enjoy teen’s enthusiasm and energy, their searching and questioning, their fresh outlook on life, and their willingness to stand up for what they believe. We understand their desire to be respected, challenged and encouraged. We know they hate being talked down to, preached to, or being bored.

We have monthly Education Meetings, held in the Teen Room from 7:00-9:00pm Our meetings are developed around the teachings of the Catholic Church and Christian values. Some of the diverse topics discussed, developed by our Teen Leadership Committee, have been depression, stress, self-esteem, sexuality, family, friends, vocations, poverty, marriage, faith, and worship. These meetings provide a safe place for our teens to not only grow in their relationship with Jesus but also with each other and to explore and question these various topics.

Because we know our faith calls us to serve others, we plan many service projects during the year as well as our annual week long Mission Trip during the summer.


During a young person’s development, a healthy and safe environment to develop social skills is essential. Each month, we provide an opportunity for the teens to gather together and develop their friendships. Events vary but usually include hayrides, road rally, bowling, skiing, Christmas party, movie night, and lock-in.

Our teens have many opportunities to grow in their faith as they participate in the many activities that have been developed along the way. Along with the Education Meetings, we have monthly teen liturgies, Station/Soup supper, Passion Play, Mystery Weekend (a retreat designed especially for teens…destination unknown), Rainbow Weekend which is held annually at the Detroit Renaissance Hotel, and our annual summer mission trip in June which we repair homes for the poor.

We hope you will give us a chance to help you during your journey of faith. We would like our high school teens to complete a registration form so you will receive a monthly mailing of special events. WE LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT YEAR AND WOULD LOVE HAVING YOU BE A PART OF OUR GROUP! TRY US OUT.  Call at home or office. Office number is 248-626-0840, ext. 5.


Adult Involvement
We are always in need of adults who are open and responsive to teens. If you will try to understand teens, enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of teens, this is the group for your loving touch. An adult committee is needed to help develop the different Christian Service and social events. You can sign up to work on an event or just be a driver at one event. We are always in need of adults who are open and responsive to teens. If you will try to understand teens, enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of the teen ages, this is the group for your loving touch. Or sign up to work on one or several events or just to be a driver for the event(s).



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