Religious Education

Welcome to the St. Owen Religious Formation Program. We invite you to make faith formation a high priority in the family. Allow your children the opportunity to gather with their peers to augment what they learn daily in their homes about God, the teaching of their faith, and the Roman Catholic Church.

Phone: 248-626-0840


Religious formation will be different during the 2020-21 school year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are choosing to move toward family style religious education. This will involve both an online portion covered at home as well as a monthly in-person (or zoom if this is more comfortable) education session with a small group of other families. Cost will be $135 per child, $160 for a child during a sacrament year. We will provide materials for at home learning. During our monthly sessions we will have specific lessons for each family. My plan is to hold the monthly sessions in person. But, we can do zoom for them if that is more comfortable.

Here is our schedule for in-person (or zoom) monthly meetings:
Nov. 1st/2nd
Dec. 6th/7th
Jan. 10th/11th
Feb. 7th/8th
March 7th/8th
April 11/12th
May 2/3rd.
First Communion Retreat March 14th 12-1 PM
Confirmation Retreat Feb. 20th 1-6 PM

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