Lenten Series

Prayer as the Way to Closer Union With Christ

The Holy Spirit invites us to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ this Lent.  Just as He led Jesus Into the desert for forty days and nights, He invites us to prepare for God’s presence at Easter.  The Bible tells us that peace and solitude allow us to find God.  Our forty days is upon us.  We too seek peace and solitude and to deepen our relationship with Christ through prayer.  

Please join us this Lent as we awaken our faith through the senses.  We are excited to host Fr. Peter Fennessy, S.J. as he leads us in a three-part series to enrich our relationship with Christ.  The series will be held on three Wednesday evenings in Lent on March 1, March 15, and March 29.  All sessions will be held at 7 pm in the church.  The three sessions are related but each presentation will be different.  Light refreshments will be served at the conclusion of each program.

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Feel free to text any questions you may have about the Lenten series or the Commitment to Education to Patricia Hartwig @ [email protected]