Worship Commission

All of the Church’s actions are directed toward God’s glorification. Liturgy brings people together in a particular way to praise God and sanctify the people. The worship commission seeks to aid in providing the means and in encouraging active participation of the faithful in this work.

Job Description:
Functions of this commission include policy making, liturgy planning and evaluations, continuing education of its members, and liturgical ministry training. Its members are consequently involved in many related groups such as prayer groups, decorating, hospitality, RCIA, etc.

Time Frame:
Commission members serve for varying terms. They are expected to attend monthly meetings and be available for tasks the commission undertakes.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry:
Members need to desire to help in the creation of good liturgy and to be willing to learn more about liturgy.

Benefits for the Volunteer:
Those who assist in the worshipping community by their leadership develop a better understanding and appreciation of liturgy, as well as personal growth in Christ. Importance to our Church: In order to free the staff to take some time off or receive assistance and support in times of heavy workload, volunteers are deeply appreciated.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for these Ministries:
We look for someone who is dependable and enjoys working with people.