Twinning Project

This project seeks to nurture a mutual acceptance, friendship and care between our parish and St. Augustine parish in the Dominican Republic. It can broaden our view and understanding of the global Church and world. Increases our awareness and sensitivity to the needs of the poor. Provides opportunities for an emersion experience into another culture with visits to the sister parish.

Job Description:
Various gifts and talents may be used to serve, here at home organizing projects and or fundraising endeavors. If we plan a trip to the Dominican Republic we can use people to assist with medical care, engineering, building, etc. Some may wish to provide monetary resources for the various projects.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry:
Compassion, generosity and care for the needy are needed and a sense of the global church.

Time Frame:
Those wishing to join the planning committee there are meetings monthly. Participating in various efforts entails only short-term commitment.