Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is important for our children. Every Sunday at the 11:00 AM Mass, children between 5 and 12 are invited to participate in this rewarding experience. During this special liturgy children (along with any parents who may wish to accompany them) retire to another part of the building just prior to the readings so that they may hear the Word of God at a level they can understand. Through the use of the Sunday readings, music, and prayer they are able to participate more fully. This is not intended to replace home teaching, formal religious education or any other type of religious instruction. Our children are the future of our Church and our faith. By helping them to participate more fully in the Mass at a level they can comprehend we begin to build a foundation of lasting faith. The importance and relevance of Scripture and prayer is reinforced for them on a weekly basis through this liturgy.

Job Description:

  • Prayer leaders preside over the liturgy and present the Word in a way that is relevant for the children.
  • Readers assist by proclaiming the scripture readings to the children from the Children’s Lectionary.
  • Assistants help by sitting in the midst of the children and participating, gently helping to keep order and attention.
  • Musician: While we have a regular children’s musician who has been providing music when religious formation classes are in session. During the summer months and vacation times we need musicians who can provide music for the children.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry:
No special knowledge of the Bible or Catholic doctrine is needed, as the materials provided are very complete. No special teaching skills or experience are necessary, just an open mind and loving heart and a desire to impart the Word of God to others, especially children. Prayer leaders should be adults or high school students.

No special training is needed, but it is suggested that before one becomes a prayer leader they first participate for a time as reader or assistant until familiar with the format.

Time Frame:
Ministers in the Children’s Liturgy are usually scheduled once every 4-6 weeks. The liturgy takes place during the regular Liturgy of the Word; therefore the actual time for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word is about 20-25 minutes. A short period of preparation of preparation is needed during the week prior for prayer leaders.

Benefits for the Volunteer:
This is a wonderful opportunity to have a positive influence on the children around us while learning more for yourself about the Scriptures and their meaning.