Children’s Formation

Our children are the future Church. Assisting parents in their formation of faith is essential. Therefore, the fundamental task of a catechist in our religious formation program is to commit to bring the message of Jesus and the Church to the children of our community.

Job Description:
Using materials provided, a catechist prepares and teaches the religious education classes and collaborates in any additional or special programs.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry:
Our growth in faith is a lifelong process. Sharing one’s faith is the call extended to all Christians. The faith life of a catechist has much to do with how effective the catechist is. It is important that the catechist/aid have a clear understanding of Christ and his or her Church, but one must receive and respond to a ministerial call which comes from the Lord. The response to this call includes willingness to give time and talent, not only to catechizing others, but to one’s own continued growth in faith and understanding. A catechist is a witness to the Gospel, a proclaimer of the message as presented by the teaching authority of the Church, a sharer in community, and a servant of the community. The faith of an aid is likewise important. They must be willing to cooperate and support the catechist. Both should have a love and desire to nurture children.

Time Frame:
Weekly religious formation classes are offered to children from three years old through grade eight from September through May. 34 different classes meet weekly for one hour on Sunday mornings at 9:00, 10:00, & 11:00 a.m., Monday afternoons at 4:15p.m. and Monday evenings at 7:00p.m. The commitment of a catechist is usually one-half to one hour prep time weekly and the one hour teaching the class. There are occasional catechist planning meetings.

Catechist Recommendations:
The policy of the Archdiocese of Detroit is that all catechists are to be certified or working toward certification. Opportunities for in-service in twenty (20) different areas working toward certification will be available during the year. Catechists will be certified after completing these 20 classes plus an internship.

Benefits to the Volunteer:
There is no doubt that catechists develop their own faith as they teach the children. They experience great satisfaction through their contribution. It is also a wonderful opportunity for parents to become more involved in the program along with their children.

The importance, time involved, and benefits are the same as for a catechist.

Job Description: Assist the Catechist in classroom activities and in keeping order.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry: Adults, as well as children grade four through twelve can be aids. Other gifts that needed are a love for children and a supportive and cooperative attitude.

VBS provides the children of our parish and others with an opportunity to learn more about God in a fun and interesting setting. Dramas, crafts, music and games are some of the tools we use to captivate and delight our children as they learn more about their faith in this very popular program.

Time Frame: Held for one week a year in July or August for 2 ½ hours daily in the mornings. The planning and preparation actually begins during the prior February. Over the course of the spring, some volunteers are needed to help with this important preparation phase while the majority are needed during the final planning stages in June and the actual presentation in July or August. If you would like to help, there is a place for you. There’s always a place for volunteers even if you can only help for a day or for a few hours.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry: VBS requires the time, talents and skills of many volunteers. We need craft makers, game coordinators, storytellers, teachers, classroom aides, painters, photographers, carpenters, seamstresses, refreshment coordinators, etc.

Benefits for the Volunteer: The volunteers seem to get as much out of it as the children do. Everyone gets a chance to learn more about the Scriptures and to work closely with other parish members on a project that is exciting for our children.

Middle school students in grades six, seven, and eight are invited to share dinner together once monthly on Monday evenings from 6:15-7:00p.m. from October-April. They enjoy socializing with their friends over dinner before class begins. The dinners are generally held the first Monday of the month. It is theme-based pot-luck dinner provided by the parents of the students.

Assistants: Set-up around 5:45-6:15p.m., help serve and supervise, then clean-up after the meal which ends at 7:00p.m. Many hands make light work.

Religious Formation schedules many seasonal parties and events throughout the year such as the Halloween Party, Mardi Gras Party, Easter Egg Hunt, sacrament receptions, etc. involving families that provide an opportunity for fellowship among members of our parish community.

Coordinators: Coordinates the groups formed to plan, organize and carry out a specific parish-sponsored social event. This includes scheduling volunteers to assist you.

Our group was designed especially for Catholic Christian teens growing up in a complex world full of opportunities and adventure, as well as problems and dangers. We enjoy teen’s enthusiasm, energy, their searching and questioning – their fresh out-look on life, and their willingness to stand up for what they believe. We understand their desire to be respected, challenged and encouraged. We know they hate being bored, preached at, and talked down to. We hope you’ll give us a chance to help you on your journey of faith. We would like each teen in the parish to fill out one of our registration forms so that each teen will receive a monthly mailing of special activities. As always, WE LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT YEAR AND WOULD LOVE YOU TO BE A PART OF IT! Learn more