Baptism Preparation

It is important that the Church provide a meaningful sacramental experience for parents who bring their children for baptism. Parents are provided with instruction on their responsibility in raising their children in the faith and the Church’s understanding of baptism.

Job Description:
While a staff member handles registration for baptism and instruction on the sacrament, team couples are needed to talk to parents on how to bring faith into the home and building traditions of faith. People are also needed assist Father at the baptism itself, by setting up and in giving directions for the rite.

Time Frame:
Teams would meet with parents one evening a month for about 1 ½ hrs. Persons assisting at the baptism will only serve 45 min to one hour, on the second Sunday of the month. Depending on the number of volunteers involved, teams or assistants may not be needed monthly.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry:
Team couples should have children at home they themselves are raising in the faith so they can share from their own experience. They should be couples whose family life speaks to what it means for a family to be a “little church.” Baptism assistants should be warm and welcoming to parents and family members.

Training needed:
Team couples and baptism assistants will participate in a training session. Team couples are provided an outline of the presentation.

Benefits to the Volunteer:
It is joyful to share the joy of new parents and rewarding to bring them a better understanding of what means to bring faith in the home. Couples sometimes find that some parents share their own unique ways of building traditions of faith with them.