Altar Servers

Altar Serving is a special ministry in the church. Altar Servers help the priest during the Mass. Boys or girls can be servers from fourth grade through high school. (Actually even adults can be altar servers!) When we serve God in church, we learn how to serve God outside of church, by helping people who are in need, by taking care of each other and the earth that we live on, by loving people that no one else loves. That’s how we really serve God!

Wanna be a server?
If you are in at least 4th grade, it’s easy to become a server. Just call the rectory at (248) 626-0840. You will be put in contact with someone that can give you more information. We are currently in need of servers for all mass preferences.

Job Description:
Servers are assigned to approximately one liturgy each month, depending on the numbers. They are trained to serve at the altar.

Time Frame:
One and a half hours are the usual time frame. Servers must be at Mass at least 15 minutes before it starts, plus attend usually one meeting a year.

Gifts that are Needed and Developed for this Ministry
You will be taught to serve without being a distraction to others. Proper dress, poise, and proper decorum are very helpful. Altar servers must be at least in the fourth grade.

Training Required:
New servers are asked to have at least two to three hours of training.

Benefits for the Volunteer:
As young people actually become involved in the liturgy with a definite role, the liturgy becomes more interesting and a love for it can easily develop.